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People’s Capital was founded to make finance and financial markets more accessible to all. We strive to offer high-quality educational material and stock recommendations on a platform everyone can understand and utilize. Ultimately, we want to help our customers make money and build wealth, regardless of their background, in an industry traditionally reserved for the socio-economic elite.


The People’s Capital team posts a diverse range of educational content, stock suggestions, and videos to optimize our reader's understanding of finance and markets. 


Why trust us? 


The People’s Capital team may be young, but all our members have grown up with a desire to learn about finance and financial markets. Starting at age 18, we all opened our own brokerage accounts and began putting our accumulated research into practice. Since opening our accounts, each one of us has made significant gains despite the pandemic and volatile market conditions. We each regularly do our own research about stocks we would like to own for ourselves. We use People’s Capital to share this research with individuals who may not have had the opportunities or ability to learn about finance in the same way as our team, with the ultimate goal of increasing the proliferation of financial literacy and investment in the stock market. 

Our Team


Thomas Dean, Co Founder

Luke Graupmann

Luke Graupmann, Co Founder


Shanie Roth, Chief of Marketing and Design

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